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  • X3: Terran Conflict Review

    X3: Terran Conflict Review

    Been awhile since my last post, so here we go. I’ve had the above game for quite some time now, but I haven’t actually played it until recently. It’s a pretty interesting game, not for the storyline, but more for the sandbox gameplay. The first thing I saw with X3: Terran Conflict are the graphics; [...]

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  • Star Trek Online Review (PC)

    Star Trek Online Review (PC)

    I got this game a couple months back just before they released it to try out the game, at first, I was impressed… But as I progressed, I got more bored with the game, especially when theres is not much to do. First of all, graphic wise, the game is pretty stunning in that retrospect. [...]

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  • Infinite Space Review (DS)

    Infinite Space Review (DS)

    I’m a huge fan of space type games, they are probably first choice of games I prefer to play, followed by racing games and first person shooters. The game I recently tried was Infinite Space for the DS, (Yeah, I have one of ‘those’, tend to play it when I can’t get near a computer.) [...]

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