Circular Progress Bar for .NET

I needed a circular progress bar .NET for a game I am working on, but I was having issues finding a nice control that could handle what I wanted.

I ran into some source here: which had a good base but did not quite do what I wanted it to do. So I greatly expanded on the source itself and created my own control. I ended up adding alot more customization than I thought I would, but it ended up being a pretty nice control overall.

You can do many things with it, and it supports up to 5 bars per control in a circle. Most of it is customizable, such as colors per bar, borders, bar size, distance between each bar, text display, text shadowing, and many more features! It even supports out of the box smooth progression (using a timer), transparency (As best as a single parent can do without extra coding), and double buffering.

The download link comes with a few small and basic examples on what you can do with it. I think the coding can be improved on though, I didn’t spend too much time working on this, but feel free to adjust and I would be happy to add any changes to the small project. I hope someone out there will get some use out of it though! If you do use it, please post a link to the application you create, I would love to see how it is used!

This requires .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 to work. Most machines should already have this by default now anyways.



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