Modified: Solmetra Flash Uploader v1.02 (to multi-file uploader) & A quick way to pass variables.

My boss was looking around for flash uploaders, and he had his mindset on the Solmetra Flash Uploader v1.02. This flash uploader is very nice, specially because it supports custom GUIs! The uploader overall has a nice/clean feel to it.

There were some minor things that needed to be fixed, and some extra features I really wanted it to do. Overall this would be my first time working with flash, and it wasn’t too bad overall. Please note, this isn’t a complete change yet, and was only aimed for changes I needed. If there is enough request for it, I’ll fix it all up to be toggable for some of the new settings I’ve added.

After finishing uploading file, it would not allow you to upload another until the page was refreshed. I wanted to base it more off a general uploader rather then a one time upload. So it was modified to handle this. The next big change was I made it handle multi-file uploads! Now you can add 10 or 20 files and have them upload all at once! Very handy!

One more problem I was having was sending a static variable to the page it processed. Because the flash application is calling the PHP page, it can’t use $_session variables from what I saw. A simple solution was to pass a $_GET variable through the defined ‘SolmetraUploader’. I’ve shown an example of this in demo3.php as well.

Some things that have been changed or fixed:
-Fixed the demo files for examples, added a ‘special’ demo that handles unzipping a zip file, and has a quick way to pass a variable.
-Issue where it would ignore your file size specifications regardless of if you indicated it in the XML or not using PHP. There is now a toggle in the CONFIG if you want it to use PHPs limit, or your specified limit.
-Fixed cancel button. After canceling you may upload again.
-Changed the way the flash uploader ‘completes’. After 4 seconds of displaying ‘Done!’, it will reset it self, allowing you to reupload.
-Some defaults have been changed. Again, I wanted a general multi-uploader, nothing more.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned overall so far. I may continue working on this if there is some requests to it. Here is a demo of the changes and the actual flash application, which allows multi uploads and shows some XML examples. Please note, it doesn’t actually upload to my server, it is just in DEMO MODE (5 seconds demo):

Click here to view the demo!!

Here are the downloads:
Main Download

If you liked this product, you can check out the original product, or more products at Solmetra!

Hope this helps someone!


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