Mud Map Designer v1.02 – Outdated!


This is a project I did a few months back.. I didn’t see many mud map editors that I could use overall, alot of them were basic ASCII editors, or didn’t work on 64 bit processors because of the removal of support for 16 bit applications.  I tend to help out in a MUD based games as well.

REQUIRES .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 <– Should come with Vista/Win 7.. If you need it, you can get it at the microsoft website here.

My map designer should be pretty handy for builders and people who just like to plot out mud maps in general. I’ve made it so you can add and change the map icons it uses on the fly, so it is suitable for any game.. There are two current icon sets, “Kaos”, and “Basic”. Feel free to add more and post them! By default, the render screen is rendered in “Normal”, and the export map options is rendered in “High”. You can change both at any time in the options.

Here are the features worth saying:
-You can save, load, or export maps. You can export maps into one of the following image types: PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, or TIF.
-Export & Render Options to make the map stand out more with cleaner graphics/smoother design!
-W/S/D/A keys for generic map placement.
-Ability to make large maps. Use the right mouse to pan the screen.
-Ability to resize current view from 35% to 150%.
-Map different levels in the same map file! This means you can level something large, such as towers with multiple room levels or basements.
-Swap specific levels around!
-Add special room ‘auroras’ to make a specific room stand out.
-Add labels, color them, size them.
-Add room locks (Using the SHIFT + W/S/D/A key)
-You can disable/enable draw mode to move around without drawing!
-Full use of mouse control.
-Quick slot keys for icons! Set with Shift+NUMBER. Use with just selecting a number from 0-9. You can also use the scroll mouse or < and > keys to adjust current icon (Or just select it!)



In-Game Screenshot Design

Simple city export:

Use of  multilevel dungeons and different icon skins!



Download HERE!
Please view the ‘keys’ in the HELP area to know what you are doing!!!


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