Mud Map Designer v1.23 – Updated!

EDIT: There was an issue with 1.21 when opening maps. This is now solved!

A new feature and a set of icons have been added! The icons are for my new MUD game at

The tool can now record keystrokes while the map designer is not the current active window. This means you can be in a MUD game and the map editor will record movement, long as you can use the following for movement:

  • A/S/D/W/Q/E/Z/C keys, which are standard for the map designer.
  • Numpad Keys
  • Arrow Keys

It should be able to record at a fairly fast pace, but if there are any errors you can go back and stop recording to adjust the map it is designing. I highly recommend leaving the program in the background but still being visible for you to see in case this happens. This should hopefully help you guys out! Now for the old stuff:

This is a project I worked on a couple years ago, because I didn’t feel that there was many mud map editors around that were easy to use or lacked alot of features. Some didn’t even work on 64-bit processors because of the removal of 16-bit applications.. Yeah, applications are that old typically when dealing with map designers for mud based games.

REQUIRES .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 <– Should come with Vista/Win 7.. If you need it, you can get it at the microsoft website here.

My map designer should be pretty handy for builders and people who just like to plot out mud maps in general. I’ve made it so you can add and change the map icons it uses on the fly, so it is suitable for any game.. There are two current icon sets, “Kaos”, and “Basic”. The rendering and export qualities are now defaulted to “High”, but you can change them in the options area if you prefer to work with a lower quality map during editing. I highly suggest leaving the export to high however. I’ve left in the options for very low end machines.


New features of 1.21-1.23:
-Fixed many errors
-You now have to select the icons you want before making the map.
-Fixed a minor issue with opening a new map.

New features of 1.20:
-You can now record keystrokes while the map editor is not active, to create maps while another application is active, such as a game.
-New icons added for Ember Online.

New features of 1.20:
-You can now map NW/NE/SW/SE! Though my mud map game did not use it, I’ve updated it because so many people requested it.
-You can now add lines. Each line uses a block (similar to adding a block to a map). There are different types of lines, you can cycle them with B and N keys. They can also be changed color wise.
-The toolbar has been organized a bit better and goes from left to right instead of up to down. I plan on having support for more then 36 icons in the future, so the coding I added here is a stepping stone.
-A couple bugs that were left in 1.02 were updated and fixed. Hopefully this one should be completely bug free, but if there are any issues I will fix them as fast as possible!
-Compatible with upgrading older version maps without loss!

Here are the other features worth saying:
-You can save, load, or export maps. You can export maps into one of the following image types: PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, or TIF.
-Export & Render Options to make the map stand out more with cleaner graphics/smoother design!
-W/S/D/A/Q/E/Z/C keys for generic map placement.
-Ability to make large maps. Use the right mouse to pan the screen.
-Ability to resize current view from 35% to 150%.
-Map different levels in the same map file! This means you can level something large, such as towers with multiple room levels or basements.
-Swap specific levels around!
-Add special room ‘auroras’ to make a specific room stand out.
-Add labels, color them, size them.
-Add lines, color them.
-Add room locks (Using the SHIFT + W/S/D/A/Q/E/Z/C key)
-You can disable/enable draw mode to move around without drawing!
-Full use of mouse control.
-Quick slot keys for icons! Set with Shift+NUMBER. Use with just selecting a number from 0-9. You can also use the scroll mouse or < and > keys to adjust current icon (Or just select it!)



Quick v1.10 Update Screenshot

In-Game Screenshot Design

Simple city export:

Use of  multilevel dungeons and different icon skins!



Download HERE!
Please view the ‘keys’ in the HELP area to know what you are doing!!!


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