Stellar Frontier 2.0 Alpha – In the works

Brent and I have released a alpha version of Stellar Frontier 2.0. Though there is still ALOT of work to do, it is a vast improvement over Stellar Frontier as is. We are now using DirectX for the graphic engine, and Raknet for the network coding. There is still some tweaks we need to do, but for the most case we want to release to see if there are any bugs/issues that still need to be solved before we continue on to the next task.

If you don’t know of Stellar Frontier, you can come check out Stellar Frontier 2 ALPHA at:,1094.0.html.. If you want Stellar Frontier 1.4.0, you can get it at Stellar Frontier is a top down space shooter game, much like Continuum. It still requires a vast amount of changes, but we are defiantly getting there! You will need SVN to download Stellar Frontier 2 until we release a package.

Please report any bugs at the forums, help us get the game bug free so we can move on to the next step!


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I mainly focus on Javascript/PHP/C++/.NET applications for everyday and work. I also am working on a remake of Stellar Frontier, an old 2D top down space battle game with a few fellow programmers.