Facebook Verification System – So many problems.

Okay, so I have another Facebook account I used for testing a few certain things. This involved the standard gathering of people from multiple games, you know, becuase thats what happens once you play a game like Mafia Wars, that horrible game called Farmville. But I am not busting on the games itself, but what happens when you login from a different IP other then your own. Sometimes I travel, so my IP changes here and there.

What ends up happening when you log from a different location is that Facebook will tell you it needs to ‘verify’ that you are the real owners account, which is fine by me, but the questions are god awful. Originally, after the first time or two, you will not be able to verify using your email anymore, and it will ask you a series of questions. The questions involve it displaying a picture of one of your friends and then you have to figure out who it is. You cannot error on one question, otherwise, it will state you failed the verification test. The problem is, I’m sure you don’t browse peoples Facebook pictures constantly, and the verification system is just pathetic. So if this even happened on your main account, I’m sure you might have trouble with some of the pictures it tries to ask you to verify.

I seriously think this is a pathetic way to do things, specially when games are promoted to ‘get more friends’. If anything, I don’t even view everyones profile that I add, sometimes I just don’t care, other times, I just add because they asked too, and its Facebook, it’s what it is for.

I just don’t get how I’m supposed to get my account back when it asks me ‘WHO IS THIS?’

Seriously, even if it was on my main account, how am I supposed to know this? The issue is, you can only verify once every hour, as it blocks you for a security measure.. But it’s almost impossible to get 5 questions right simply because you get at least two of these every time you attempt to do this verification system to unblock your Facebook account.

Come on Facebook!


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