Oil Spill Live Cam Feed

This is the best cam I’ve seen to date that handles the oil spill. Since it’s not the main news anymore, it hasn’t been getting much attention, but just remember that the spill has been going on for over two months now, and it’s always good to come back and see how it is doing every now and then. Right now (June 28th) It looks like one of theĀ dispersant tubes has been ripped apart from the force, I’m not positive on this though, but I defiantly do know it wasn’t like this around June 25th. Hopefully it is solved soon, looks like the tube is ripping apart. Click play to watch the live feed.

Currently on June 28, there is still a large amount of oil being poured into the Gulf. Estimates are now up to 35k-60k barrels a day (4 107 171 to 7 040 865 liters), a huge off estimate from there originally 1k-5k barrels a day. For the most case, taking a average of specialists and people who have been stating it correctly from the start, I’d say it’s pouring about 60k barrels a day. Worse case is 100k barrels. (11 734 776.5 liters).

Honestly, what a shame. Hopefully the next couple things BP are doing will help, which should be coming within the following week or two. They estimate it will be able to capture about 60k barrels a day, so we’ll see. No matter what now, this is so much more worse then the Alaska incident. It will takes a very long time (high years) to get this fully cleaned up to what it is. Alaska, for example, you can still find oil on land with just a shovel and a couple digs down 20 years later. Check this video out about it:

Just remember, it’s affecting a huge amount of area, more then what they ‘post maps’ about. Most of Florida water/beaches for example, is covered in oil.Ā  What a fucking shame this who mess will end up being. It can get a whole lot worse since it is hurricane season, which means they would have to pull out during times of heavy storms/hurricanes/etc and allow free flow of the oil. Ugh.


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